Crystal Atlantean Healing
Crystal Atlantean Healing
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Crystal Atlantean Healing

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Crystal healing is an ancient practice written about by many cultures across the globe. The power of crystals to heal, balance, transmute and ultimately transform, cannot be understated.  Crystals are a part of the building blocks of the Universe and follow the creation pattern of sacred geometry.  They are extremely high vibrational and our current culture is only scratching the surface of their true power and purpose.  Crystals act on the body, psyche, soul and environment to bring all back into harmony.  They are gentle but powerful, soothing but potent.  
The Atlanteans were true crystal masters, understanding that each crystal had a unique purpose with its own consciousness.  They used crystals for everything and extracted energy from them in highly advanced ways, including in their healing techniques and sessions.  
To be an effective crystal practitioner like the Atlanteans were, one must have a firm grasp and practice on energy and etheric practices with a genuine interest to understand the properties, vibrations and characteristics of crystals.  


Throughout this program, students will learn how to lay crystals effectively for healing and make powerful grids for their own purposes, as well as for their clients, home and work environments.


Atlantean Crystal Healing Level I



  • Brief history of Atlantis & it's connection to crystals
  • Guided meditation to the  Temple of the Alta-Ra
  • Crystal vibrations, colours & families
  • Crystal selection, care & programming
  • A deeper look into the 7 personal chakras
  • Sacred Geometry Grids & Layouts
  • Crystal Healing for the heart, body, and mind
  • Attunement ceremony
  • Working with Crystal Skulls
  • Giving and receiving Atlantean Crystal Healing

Continued support:  


  • One on one coaching consultation
  • Additional attunement ceremony
  • Certificate Presentation


16 hour course + 1 hour consultation

November 25/26 in the beautiful community space at

Students are welcome to split into two payments, $300 due upon registration and the remainder with gst due the week of the course.  We would love to offer 20% discounts for those that register together, friends, family members, co-workers, etc.  

please email initial payment to