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More than Existing

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More Than Existing has been written as if I have already made it.

Made it to achieving a level of spiritual growth that has given me a rite of passage to a new life, or better yet to the life I designed before I arrived. I will speak of myself as if the past I have lived bears no weight into the future I am living, and that my days are not filled with self-doubt and fear, but inspiration and unconditional love for the woman I have become.

It started with a desire in my heart for a return to something yet to feel or experience within this lifetime until now


were the words that would fall over my lip

nor ontonne paper as

if a staff had hit the ground the

00/900 l was waiting for

the waters to part. The truth

Watersfell as tears from my

eyes and hit the page like heavy rain weighted with heavy energy.

They nik

osplattered over the words and as I watched the ink


ew in my heart that this time my words were heard and puneasy feeling I turned the page and set out on a journey:

discover a life of More Than Existing.

Corrie Thorne is a Spiritual Teacher, Divine Channel, Mystic, and Creator of the More Than Existing self actualization certification program. A leading-edge program designed to help individuals from all walks of life believe in themselves, through learning to make themselves a priority, and to truly understand that they matter.